Adelaide born and bred, Dr. Porter undertook his Anaesthetic training throughout the major Adelaide hospitals as well as the Royal Darwin Hospital. Indeed, it was whilst training as a registrar in the Intensive Care Unit in Darwin he was heavily involved in the care and management of casualties from the second Bali Bombings in 2005. In addition to the standard  5 years of anaesthetic training, Dr. Porter has undertaken advanced Fellowship training in Regional & Orthopaedic Anaesthesia in Perth, and a Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Adelaide.

Being a keen teacher, Dr. Porter is a Senior Clinical Lecturer with the University of Adelaide where he has received citations for teaching excellence for teaching of undergraduate medical students.

Dr. Porter is committed to the pursuit of clinical and research excellence in Anaesthesia. Dr. Porter established the Fellowship Programme in the field of Regional Anaesthesia at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. This program encourages the professional development of senior trainee anaesthetists through the mastering of advanced clinical skills as well encouraging research pursuits.

Regarded as a local leader, mentor and innovator in the field of Regional and Orthopaedic Anaesthesia, Dr. Porter is on teaching faculty of a number of Regional Anaesthesia courses and workshops throughout Australia and is regularly invited to speak at such meetings as well as to his surgical peers. Dr. Porter is also engaged in the wider anaesthetic community and has served as Vice Chair and Treasurer of the S.A. Committee of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists.

Dr. Porter works closely with a select group of surgeons and proceduralists who are leaders in their fields. In doing so he services most of Adelaide’s private hospitals.