Dr. Alisteir Norton trained at Flinders University from 1984-1989. Following an internship at Flinders Medical centre he worked in NSW at Sydney’s Royal North
shore hospital in the area of cardiology and Intensive care before returning to Adelaide to commence specialist anaesthetic training. He gained his fellowship in 1998 after completing a year of regional anaesthesia and then started working as a specialist at Flinders medical centre and in private practise.

He has worked in most states around Australia as well as a spending some time in Papua New guinea teaching and writing a chapter in a book dedicated to regional anaesthesia in the third world.

He has a past history of working in cardio thoracic anaesthesia and liver transplantation. His main area of interest is now Ear nose and throat Anaesthesia working particularly with children, as well as having an interest in adult sleep apnoea
in which he has published. Other interests include orthopaedic surgery.

Outside of work he has a wife and two beautiful children as well as being the owner
of two large Saint Bernard dogs.